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Wild Heart Weekend Warrior

The Wild Heart Warrior Weekend is a 3-Day Transformative Experience for the Masculine with Personal Mentorship, Nov 3-5, 2023 in the Southwest! 

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About the Trip

Weekends Friday - Sunday,  November 3-5

Ages 16-28

Southwest, CO


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The essence of a Wild Heart-Warrior Weekend is simple: young men and mentors spending time in the desert around a fire, on the trail, in a connected group space, exploring and experiencing ourselves in nature, as nature.


In a small clan of curious participants and world-class guides, we explore healthy and unhealthy aspects of what some call “masculinity,” as well as our own healthy inner-feminine qualities. Through our unique experiential model of adventure and nature-based practices that hone the mind, body, heart, and spirit, we build a balance of strength and sensitivity that will serve ourselves, others, and the wider world. 

We feel confident that going to even one Wild Heart Warrior Weekend has the power to positively orient your life. 

This 3-day and 2-night Wild Heart Warrior Weekend includes:

-3 full days and 2 nights of experiential immersion in the stunning, wild Four Corners area in Colorado with world-class wilderness guides and teachers.

-intimate group of 8 to 12 wild-heart warrior participants.

-includes transport from closest airport or transport hub, quality healthy food, and all group gear (guides cook!).

-discounted gear rental, if needed

Once you register with payment, you will receive an email from one of our guides to set up your mentorship session and answer any preliminary questions you may have.

Curious or have questions before you sign up? We'd love to answer them. Please contact us!

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